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Building Confidence even when there seems like no progress. If you want to improve your fitness and feel more confident, my coaching programs will help you get there!

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The Kyle Receno Group exists to provide accessible health and wellness oppotunities. The rising cost of living in today’s society is rapidly increasing, all while the public health is decreasing. We would like to start the conversation on how we can make health more accessible…

What is a Kinesiologist?

What is a Kinesiologist?

¬†Empowering Movement: A Journey as a Seasoned Kinesiologist In the world of kinesiology, every step tells a story, from clinical settings to bustling gyms andprivate…

Move for Mental Health

Move for Mental Health

A convo related to mental health and exercise **Friend:** Hey, have you ever thought about how exercise can improve mental health?**You:** Oh, definitely! There’s a…



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ONLINE HEALTH COACH & personal trainer

Kyle Receno is a health, wealth and fitness professional that wants to help people take their lifestyle to the next level. He has been working with people to help them achieve their goals through his coaching system that allows people to live a flexible, yet fulfilling lifestyle.

Kyle started working in the fitness industry in 2012 while he was a student at York University, however, fitness was always a big part of his life growing up. He participated in many different sports, as a player and as a coach, and noticed the impact of sports on a person. He continued to provide his coaching and consulting services in the fitness industry and has found a proven system to help people overcome their challenges and barriers to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

He strives to educate people on how they can become an active leader in their life through health, fitness and business coaching.


Transform Your Life with Our Program:

Discover the transformative power of Kyle Receno’s Health, Wealth, and Fitness program. Tailored to help you achieve optimal well-being, our holistic approach integrates personalized coaching, expert guidance, and proven strategies. Whether you’re pursuing fitness goals, financial stability, or overall life enhancement, our program equips you with the tools and support to realize your aspirations. Start your journey to greatness today.
Online Group Lifestyle Transformation Coaching Program

Deep Dive on how you can improve your health, wealth and fitness Learn how to create a system for your life so that you can fulfill your potential Experience Life Changing sessions to get ready for the next phase of your life

Fitness Assessments

complete a fully comprehensive fitness assessment to understand how your body moves Undergo testing for cardiovascular endurance, strength and power, mobility Receive a full training program to improve each area of fitness

Fitness Program

Experience high quality training with members in your community that are readily accessible Follow a structured program that will help you improve your strength, endurance and energy levels

Kyle Receno

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WHAT OUR MEMBERs are saying

" Superb experience ar ReVibe! The entire team is fantastic and friendly - you quickly become part of the community (family). Kyle was my trainer for the better part of the 15 weeks; once the pandemic lockdowns were lifted, and he got me back on track in no time. I feel better and stronger than I have in years! "

" I joined ReVibe and met Kyle Receno, Registered Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer on September 20th, 2021. I am very impressed with his attention to helping with my journey to better health, fitness & weight loss. The ReVibe facility is a warm & friendly place & I am excited to get there & workout!!! I am a senior. I have already lost 21 lbs I have so much mor energy!!! I would highly recommend this facility & Kyle Receno for improving your overall wellness."

" I have been seeing Kyl for the past several months and the improvements he's helped me get out of this world. He's held me accountable, helped me learn more about my body from a functional training standpoint and helped me improve all my weaknesses. Because of him, he's helped me have the confidence to workout on my own, Fun guy, great motivator, and the rest of the staff is just like him. Definitely my home wellness for all my needs."

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